And don't resent me,
and when you're feeling empty,
keep me in your memory,
leave out all the rest,
leave out all the rest.


Every night
We're all alone
Every night
My only hope
Is the light that's shining from inside you
'cause you I believe in what 'we are'
You believe in what 'we'll be'
Give me strength so I can stand beside you

No truths to confirm
No lies to deny
Too hopeless to care
We're too scared to cry 

Cast aside
To an angry street
For what we believe
If we hide maybe we can make it through this
Is it fair to be thrown away?
Is it fair that we live this way?

Victimized for a life we didn't ask for...

Wanna see who you are
every inch every scar
from your head to your toes I would be there
from your back to your close I'm on the air
when you think you're alone I'd be down the hall
I could see it wish I was a fly on the wall
What you do in your own
I could see it all
You undress I wish I was a fly on the wall

'Cause if I burn, so will you.