If I'm going down... then I'm going down good, clean?

It's that moment when you just wanna close your eyes and fall asleep, and never, NEVER wake up. When you ask yourself what's the problem and you don't have the answer. When you wonder why the hell is your life the way it is. When you realize that it can't be possible that everything is so hard for you because you're just fourteen years old, but then you see your situation and you think it's possible again. When you look at the others and observe their happiness. When you start asking when did it all get so fucking hard. When you look at yourself and wanna cut you in pieces to dissappear. When you realize that all the words you told to everybody were lies. When you realize about how much you hate yourself. When you remember old stuff and wonder why your life isn't longer like that. Just when you realize you're yourself.

Why am I even alive.
'Cause if I burn, so will you.